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EyeCandy Live is a student-produced web series that highlights EyeCandy Film Journal and its staff, and explores various aspects of cinema and the visual arts. This year we have a new team and exciting plans that we would like to share. Come and get to know our year!

Episode 1

EyeCandy 2013 co-editors Rissa Barton and Zoe Toffaleti and UCSC Film and Digital Media lecturer and former EyeCandy Film Journal advisor Jesse Fankushen discuss EyeCandy Film Journal's role at UCSC.

Episode 2

Professor Gustavo Vasquez discusses and analyzes the appropriation of the cowboy identity in the United States, and how that has affected the classic western genre.

Episode 3

The 2014 EyeCandy Team is working to explore media culture in this year's film and print journal with the help of faculty advisor L.S. Kim.