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Super Bowl XLIX: Commercial Extravaganza

By: Brian Mislang and Nick Campolito


In what was the most entertaining Super Bowl in a long time (should’ve ran the ball with Beast Mode, Seahawks), the commercials this year were very memorable. But watching the Super Bowl XLIX during each break you could not help but experience a certain roller coaster of emotions whether it was laughter, surprise, sorrow, or even nostalgia. First let’s start with the most prominent theme of the commercials shown during the show: Dads.


There seemed to be countless commercials that put an emphasis on fatherhood. One that particularly stood out was “With Dad” a Nissan commercial following a family whose father figure was a professional racecar driver and the experience of absence and joy of his return. This commercial appealed to me over the other “Dad” commercials probably due to its nostalgic music choice of Cats in the Cradle by Harry Chapin and the appeal of the seeing a loved one after a long absence. I don’t know, something about that just gets you feeling good.

Moving away from feeling warm and fuzzy let’s get ridiculous.


Honestly, I am not sure there is anything that competes with the Mountain Dew Kickstart commercial in terms of sheer ridonculous. Three dudes in a basement playing video games drink Mountain Dew and next thing you know the deer head mounted on your back wall breaks through the confines of its deadness to dance with you and the sofa. Even the end table get in on the action while your dog twerks in the corner. It’s silly, it’s funny, and paved the way for more silliness later on.


I am not done with silly but you have to make a nod to Budweiser every Super Bowl. Their trademark Retriever-Clydesdale is here again ready to make you feel. Sure, at this point it could be considered a gimmick, but who doesn’t love puppies and beautiful horses. They have a formula that works for appeal and why try to fix something that isn’t broken? I myself eagerly wait for the next episode of The Beer Adventures of Puppy-Horse for Super Bowl L.


Let’s talk about all the parodies! You got Walter White at the pharmacy, you got Doritos being a parody of themselves at this point, and then there is Kim Kardashian. T-Mobile is advertising their new data plan that allows users to carry over their unused data to the next month by doing a rendition of those overly-sad Sarah McLachlan commercials that bring awareness to tragic situations. Only this parody of a commercial emphasizes Kim woes of people missing out on all of her umm… well framed photos. It’s a lighthearted enjoyable minute of Kim being the butt of her own joke.


You cannot do the Super Bowl without Doritos. Every year Doritos holds their contest for the best commercial and the winner get’s their commercial aired live during the super bowl. This year’s winner is indeed a winner. At some point in life you are going to meet an obnoxious traveler. Doritos found the most obnoxious traveler whose quest was to sit with the beautiful woman coming up the aisle, making a disgusting display of himself to everyone coming up before said beautiful woman. The outlook is promising, as each person moves up the aisle avoiding his icky behavior. When she gets close enough, he immediately cleans up his act and tries to appear desirable with a clean (newly flossed) smile and a bag of delicious Doritos. And then she comes into full view with a baby strapped to her chest and all his woes come true as he sits next to a baby for the remainder of his journey. Its laughably enjoyable and was a great lighthearted break from that Nationwide Commercial….


Chevy advertised their all-new 2015 Chevy Colorado by pranking the audience into thinking their TV broke down right before the Super Bowl is going to start. After a couple of seconds (if you didn’t rage and break your TV in frustration), we are questioned by Chevy as to what would we do if by small chance that our TV goes out just right before the big game, and letting us know their Chevy Colorado has built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi, because you know, technology and stuff. While I was not fooled at all by Chevy’s sneaky trick, I can however imagine the amount of gullible people believe that their TV suddenly broke down.


In the beginning of the commercial, various people are asked to perform certain actions, but in a manner they think mimics a girl, in their mind. All of them then performed running, fighting acts very stiffly and clumsily. This sequence is contrasted by showing adolescent girls performing the same actions in a confident manner. Sponsored by Always, this female empowerment commercial looks to encourage young girls that they can do anything in life and also change that being “like a girl” should not be synonymous with being weak or clumsy. This commercial attempts to break this stereotype by showing boys pretending to do certain actions like a girl. I also noticed that they showed girls as who are going along with the synonymous meanings of being “like a girl”, however, and I think this is powerful because I believe that both sexes are responsible for this unfortunate perception of what it means to be a girl.


This commercial features enraged and sad people reading hate messages on the Internet, and all of a sudden when a techie places his bottle of Coke on top of an Internet server, these hate messages turn into happy, uplifting messages. I thought this Coca-Cola commercial was funny and ridiculous at the same time. I’m not hating on the message, which is to spread happiness instead of hate on the Internet. I love the message. But apparently spilling coke on technology will clean up all the hate messages that is on the Internet. I guess it’s true that a bottle of Coca-Cola really does have cleaning properties.


Over the season, the NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell has gone through much scrutiny with their handling of players, such as Ray Rice, Greg Hardy, and Ray McDonald who have been arrested for domestic violence. In response, the NFL decided to partner up with the end domestic violence organization No More to try to save face. In their latest PSA, a phone call between a woman and a 911 operator is heard with only shots of a dark, messy house on the screen. The woman “calls for pizza” in order to report a domestic violence incident. Not realizing initially that this is a call for help, the 911 operator ends up sending police to her place. In the end, we are left with the statement, “When it’s hard to talk, it’s up to us to listen.” While there are now questions regarding the partnership between the NFL and No More, this commercial was very chilling and scary.


In this commercial, an old couple are ready to get it on, but not before the man goes into the bathroom to take a blue pill for ED. However, things turn for the worst as the man foolishly tries to throw his last pill into his mouth, and the blue pill ends up flying out the window and onto a journey in the streets of Italy. It goes through pipes, bounces from wall to wall, rooftop to rooftop, travels through water, slices through flowers, hits a glass of champagne, and happens to land into the fuel tank of the all-new 2016 FIAT 500X, which then transforms itself into a bigger, and ‘harder’ version compared to other FIAT models. I have no words for this crazy commercial, but an acronym to best summarize my thoughts: lol.