EyeCandy Film Journal is an annually published, student-run media studies collection. Our aim is to focus on culturally relevant and compelling topics that expand our relationships with film, television, and new media forms. We hope that our publication will motivate readers to engage with media in a more in-depth, critical, and complex fashion, and act as a platform for the UCSC community to consider new and thoughtful perspectives on visual culture.

EyeCandy provides writers with an opportunity to synthesize interests in film and television studies. By empowering students to further express their passions in a hands-on and productive environment, they are encouraged to cultivate their own critical and professional voices outside of the classroom. The publication additionally provides an avenue that connects student discussion to the wider Santa Cruz community, broadening a relationship we hope to foster for the future.

EyeCandy contributors enroll in a 5-unit class, Film 185X, which is offered in winter quarter through the Film and Digital Media department. The class also provides a dynamic introduction to the logistical underpinnings of print and digital media, giving students experience in ad sales, fundraising, layout, web design, and publicity.

This website is designed to work in conjunction with the articles and art pieces featured in the print edition, which can be found in the Communications Building on the UCSC campus.